General Information

Our Cake Choices

Victoria sponge and buttercream

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Lemon drizzle
  • Orange
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate orange marble
  • chocolate vanilla marble
  • mint choc marble
  • Coconut and lime
  • Chocolate baileys
  • Any colours can be marbled – (max 3 colours)
  • The above cakes are filled with your  buttercream.


Premium Cakes ( These cakes have an additional cost associated with them)

  •  Chocolate biscuit cake

  •  Rich Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache

  •  Rich Chocolate fudge cake filled with Black cherries soaked in Kirsh and white chocolate ganache

Rich Chocolate fudge cake with caramel and vanilla buttercream

  • Rich chocolate fudge cake with peanutbutter buttercream

  • Lemon Drizzle cake with Lemon curd and white chocolate ganache

  • Vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache (optional raspberry swirl)

  • Carrott Cake
    Fruit Cake (2mths advance order required)

  • Red Velvet cake with white chocolate ganache

This list is not extensive, if your favourite cake is missing, we can make it, just ask!


Serving guide.

Our serving guide is based on 1inch x 2inch servings – this is a generous wedding cake portion


4inch 8 servings
6inch 12 servings
8inch 24 servings
9inch 32 servings
10inch 38 servings
12inch 56 servings
14inch 78 servings



Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are as individual as each couple therefore there is no standard price or base price. We can create a showstopping wedding cake for any budget, please contact me to arrange a consultation to discuss your cake needs.

Celebration Cakes


Each cake is custom made and designed therefore each cake is priced individually based on the size, cake choice and the level of detail.



Our base price for 12 cupcakes is €25 – this is based on two different flavours and basic decoration.

Cake Pops
Our basic price for Cake Pops ( individually packaged) are €2.50 each – min. order of 10.

Dessert Tables
An alternative to a wedding cake,  drinks reception nibbles or treats for your evening guests.

Contact us to discuss your dessert table needs, we provide fudge, coconut ice, cookies, cake pops, mini meranges, cupcakes etc

All cake stands, platters, cupcake stands, and printables provided.