How to make the most of your Wedding Cake Consultation & Tasting

Consultation and Tasting Days

Often seen as the most enjoyable part of Wedding Planning, your wedding cake tasting day can be enjoyable and informative.

Here are my top tips for a successful cake tasting

  1. Have a look through Instagram, Pinterest, Wedding Magazines, your cake makers website and save the images that you like. Have a list of what you don’t like also.
  2. Have an idea of what flavours you might like, but be open to trying new flavours, you might be pleasantly surprised. Ask you cake maker what cake flavors will be available on the day. I always ask my couples to suggest 4 or 5 of their favourites and then I’ll add another 4 or 5 that I think they might like too.
  3. Have a budget in mind, and tell your cake maker. Your cake maker will help you to get the most from your budget. Make sure you know beforehand what your cake makers starting prices are – there really is no point in attending a tasting with someone who’s starting price is €300 when your budget is only €200. When you look at images for inspiration,keep in mind that elaborate cakes will be expensive.
  4. Know how many guest you want to serve. When do you intend on serving the cake? Do you want to have cake for your Day 2 party? Do you want some cake to give to relatives/neighbours?
  5. Think about where your cake will be display at your venue – do you need a cake stand? Does your venue have a suitable cake stand? ask your cake maker, they will most likely have delivered there before and will know.
  6. Make notes as you taste, by cake 10 you might have forgotten about cake 2, so write so simples comments as you go.
  7. Ask questions – Your cake makers may have seen hundreds of weddings, use their experience and seek their advice.
  8. Most importantly, Enjoy yourself!

Dawn x